Disclosure For No More Mr. Nice Guy Coaching 





Even though I am a licensed mental health provider in the state of Oregon, the work I do with No More Mr. Nice Guy is teaching/coaching, and in no way a substitute for counseling or therapy.

Because there is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about what constitutes coaching vs. therapy I want to make sure you understand the concept of coaching so that you are clear on what to expect from our time together.

First off, psychotherapy is based on a medical model. When I treat people in therapy in my office, I am required to give the client a mental illness diagnosis. We spend much of our time together talking about the person’s mental illness, their family of origin issues that contributed to the illness, and I use cognitive behavioral therapy as a modality of treatment.

There is no diagnosis listed in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM -5) for the NICE GUY SYNDROME (NGS). The Nice Guy Syndrome is not a mental illness, but a set of beliefs and behaviors that contribute to the individual self-perceptions.

Because our work together is not a medical treatment, our time together is NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE.

Coaching is teaching not therapy:

Much like a professional tutor, when I work with someone as a coach for No More Mr. Nice Guy, I use specific materials developed by Dr. Robert Glover. The goal of coaching is to deliver information that can be useful for the individual to create a more satisfying life. When I coach, I will not work with anyone who I feel may have a mental disorder. If I suspect a mental disorder or illness, I will immediately stop our coaching and refer that individual to a therapist in their area.

As such, we are entering into an agreement that I will provide coaching and teach specifically to No More Mr. Nice Guy materials, and in return, you are expected to pay my fee for teaching and to coach you through the No More Mr. Nice Guy materials. In this way, I am much like a professional tutor.

This consent intends to provide a clear framework for our work together. Please feel free to discuss any of this with me.

 No Guarantees

Neither results nor success can be guaranteed. Only you have the power to create these – I am here to hold space for you in your emerging power. There are no refunds for the unused sessions.

Cancelation and refunds

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your subscription, you can request a refund of your first month's membership dues. There are no other refunds or reimbursements after your first 30 days of membership. 


Non-Provision of Mental Health Services

Although I am a licensed mental health professional I am not providing any mental health services. If any issue arises for you that should be handled by a licensed therapist, counselor or another mental health professional in your area. You will attend to your mental health by contacting an appropriate professional.


I agree to not share anything private about you that comes up in the coaching with anyone outside of the coaching relationship without your express permission. I ask for the same in return: I will share personal things with you, and ask that you not share these things unless you ask me first.

Additionally, because of the nature of the internet, there is no guarantee that anything you post or say during our groups is confidential. I do my best to keep things as confidential as possible, however, be advised that this is not a secure site nor does this fit within HIPAA guidelines. All members are asked to keep anything said confidential however this is only as good as those who choose to honor their commitment. 

Serving Your Highest Good

I am here to challenge you, engage you, laugh with you, and celebrate you. I aim to serve your highest good 100% of the time, with unflinching honesty and straightforwardness. This includes initiating the hard conversations that you may not enjoy or feel ready for. I will always do my best in engaging with and supporting you. I will bring my highest energy vibration into the coaching space we share, and will care for myself physically, spiritually, and psychologically to maximize my effectiveness as a coach.