Nice Guys Finish Last. You Don't Have To. 


You might wonder, "What's the big deal about being a nice guy?" Here are some thoughts: Being the 'nice guy' often lands you at the back of the line in life, love, and sex. Why? There is a reason Nice Guys always come in Last. And guess what? I was there, too. But I found a way out. I learned to live with integrity and put my own needs front and center. I got fed up with always being the last one picked, and now, I'm here to help you climb out of that rut and grab life by the horns. 

Here are some things that keep Nice Guys stuck in life

Seeking Approval: Are you on a constant quest for approval? Trying to please everyone is exhausting and unsustainable. My coaching focuses on building your confidence to say 'no' and making peace with not always being liked.

Avoiding Conflict: If you're always dodging confrontation, you're likely neglecting your own needs. We'll work on strategies to help you face conflicts confidently, expressing your thoughts and feelings assertively.

Care-taking and Fixing: Are you constantly fixing others' problems at your own expense? My coaching will help you set boundaries and prioritize your own needs without feeling guilty for not being everyone's savior.

Hiding Flaws: Hiding your flaws out of fear of judgment or rejection? We encourage embracing vulnerability. It's about showing your true self and realizing that your flaws don't define your worth.

Passive-Aggressive Behavior: If you're harboring silent resentment while appearing calm, we must address this. My coaching helps you develop more direct and honest ways of expressing your feelings.

Dependency on External Validation: Relying on others for your self-esteem is a rocky path. We focus on fostering self-acceptance and internal validation, breaking free from the need for constant external approval.

Failure to Prioritize Self: Neglecting your own needs? We'll work together to help you recognize and assert your personal goals and desires, ensuring you don't always come last in your own life.

Issues with Intimacy: Struggling with placing your partner's needs above your own? We'll explore how to balance your needs with your partner's, fostering healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

It's time to reclaim your life:

Look, my coaching isn't about slapping on a new coat of paint and calling it a day. It's about a deep, foundational shift in how you see yourself and the world. We're talking about stepping out of the shadow of fear and stepping into a life of authenticity and strength. We'll tackle this together, building strategies that empower you to assert yourself, articulate what you need, and chase down your ambitions with a newfound vigor.

Let's get one thing straight: being a nice guy doesn't mean you're doomed to a life of being overlooked and undervalued. You can be compassionate, empathetic, and genuinely kind while still owning your space, asserting your worth, and not just surviving but absolutely thriving. Ready to rewrite your story? Let's dive in.

If you're ready to stop the insanity, read on.

Are you here because? 

You're Sick and Tired of Being a Nice Guy!

Your Nice Guy behavior has got you in trouble for the last time. You are ready to stop doing the same thing over and over, hoping for different results and you're hell-bent on becoming a man of Integrity. 

Your Relationships is Trash.

You try harder, make promises, become nicer, and try to make her happier. All with the hope that this time will be different. This time she'll see what a great guy you are and want to have sex with you again.

Time to Make a Serious Change

Your old life just isn't working. Maybe you're thinking of changing careers or getting out of a marriage. You're stuck doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for different results. 

It's time to stop what you've always done and do something radically different.

Hi, My name is Chuck.

If you had known me 15 years ago, you would have thought I looked like I had it all together. I had a great career in advertising, a nice house, a wife, and a child. I was living the dream.  Yet, on the inside, I was dying a slow death. If anyone knew what was going on, they would see I was completely faking it. The truth was that I hated my job, my sex life was non-existent, and I was miserable. 

My Nice Guy Behaviors had driven me to settle, play safe, stay small, and avoid conflict at all costs. I was slowly drinking myself to death because I didn’t want to face the pain that my life was a mess. After all, I was a Nice Guy. 

I had built a house of cards, and one day it all came crashing down on me. I was lost.

Everything I had worked for had been burnt to the ground because I wasn’t the man I wanted to be. I wasn’t the man I needed to be. 

But I found a way out, I found a way up.

Today my life is amazing! I am remarried to a hot wife who loves sex. I have a career I have always dreamed of, and my self-esteem is solid and unshakable. I have a brotherhood of friends who consistently build me up and support me, and I love my life!

But I didn’t get there overnight. I had a coach! A mentor who walked alongside me and showed me the path. He taught me the skills I lacked to become an Integrated Man truly. As a result, I now offer that same mentorship to others. 

If you’re looking for a coach, who can mentor you through whatever you’re going through, I can help. I’ve helped 100s of guys just like you find the joy, the passion, and the purpose for living an amazing life. If you want that for yourself and are ready to invest in yourself, I invite you to read on.

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Who I am.

Chuck Chapman, M.A.,

– 12 years as a Professional Counselor and Therapist
– Over A Decade Coaching Nice Guys
– Author of No More Mr. Nice Guy: The 30-Day Recovery Journal
– Masters Degree in Psychology
– Batchelor Degree in Human Development
 Gottman Level 2 Training

– Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach
– Co-host of the "Nice Guy Podcast"
– Co-Founder Integration Nation

More About Me


Who I am.

Chuck Chapman M.A.,

– 15 Years of Recovering from being a Nice Guy 
– Over a 12 Years coaching Nice Guys
– Personal Assistant to Dr. Robert Glover
– Author of No More Mr. Nice Guy: The 30-Day Recovery Journal
– Masters Degree in Psychology
– Batchelor Degree in Human Development

– Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach
– 30 Years of Marriage Experience
– Co-host of the "Nice Guy Podcast"
– Co-Founder of Integration Nation

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Robert Glover

"Chuck is one of those men whose personal path and career passions are one and the same. Chuck is committed to his own personal growth and evolution as a man, bringing that energy and focusing on his work with men. Chuck may be just the person you've been seeking if you are looking for a mentor, teacher, or advisor who walks his talk."

– Dr. Robert Glover Author No More Mr. Nice Guy


James B.

"In despair with where my Nice guy tendencies had gotten me in life, finding Chuck was truly a miracle. He is so adept at recognizing the Nice Guy patterns sometimes it almost feels like he can read my mind. With compassion, he tells me what I need to hear when I need to hear it and continually challenges me to a higher level. Chuck is a master at recognizing the nice guy patterns and will help guide you towards recovery."


Joey L.

"Working with Chuck absolutely opened my eyes to the destructive pattern in my life that was being a Nice Guy.  

To say that my time with Chuck was liberating would be an understatement.  Now I feel that I am no longer a Nice Guy, but a good man and as a result, my personal relationships and outlook on life and improved dramatically."


Sandor L.

"You've probably had a coach to help you improve in sports and a teacher to help you in academics. What matters more than being a better man?

I go to Chuck Chapman for coaching to live better, earn more, achieve more, and love more. I'm a professional investor, and the best investment I've ever made is self-improvement."

David P.

"Chuck has a great balance of being a skilled coach and a real person who’s walked the walk.  That balance along with being someone I completely trusted made Chuck an irreplaceable ally on the road to getting my life back and living the kind of life I really wanted. Chuck wasn’t afraid to be open and honest about his experiences and about helping me and really diving into it.  I could feel that, which translated into me not being afraid.  It enabled me to open up, to grow, and to move forward."

Terry P.

"When I first met Chuck, I didn't think my marriage could be saved. Years of living as a Nice Guy had eroded my relationship with being "tolerable roommates." Chuck helped me put the finger on what was going wrong in my life and then gave me the strategies to overcome my Nice Guy Syndrome. The result was as I changed, my marriage changed. Not only did it get better, but it became amazing! I highly recommend Chuck as a Coach and Teacher. "

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