No More Mr. Nice Guy: The 30-Day Recovery Journal


From Dr. Robert Glover: "At the end of No More Mr. Nice Guy, I included a list of values and rules that helped me on my journey toward differentiation. Some of these I shamelessly borrowed from others and some I came up with on my own. Honestly, I never thought much about other people taking this list and using it as their own road map for self-determined living. I just knew the 30 rules on the list had served me well.

Chuck has done an excellent job of elegantly turning each rule into a daily meditation and practice. 30 rules, 30 days in a month (generally). Since so many of us are, in fact, slow learners and quick forgetters, re-reading the book every month doesn’t sound like such a bad plan. 10 to 15 minutes a day to bring our full attention to how we want to live – that seems like a no-brainer."

Chau L. 

It's so simple! Easy to use and perfect to go along with the book. It helps me reflect on the reading and allows me to process in such a clearer way. The layout is great and so engaging. I love it and recommend it as a must.


Nice Guys, get this book! It is the next step needed after Dr. Glover's book. Chuck's 30-day journal is brief but effective. It has kept me focused and energized about continuing my journey forward.

Chris W.

Uncomplicated, straightforward, and helpful, this workbook is sure to become twinned with Dr. Glover's original. Not only is it easy to read, but each lesson is also fleshed out with the author's deep conceptual grasp of what it means to be a Nice Guy. 

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