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Finding Your Way Without Losing Yourself:
The Path of Integrity


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From The Back Cover:

Have you ever felt angry hopeless, and wondered, “Why is life so difficult?” You have done everything you were told would bring you happiness, but still, you find yourself in a place of quiet discontent. You do everything for everyone else, yet it's never enough, it's never acknowledged, and it’s never appreciated. Somewhere, you took a wrong turn, and you lost yourself. You want to return and get on track but are unsure when it all started. If you can relate, Finding Your Way Without Losing Yourself - The Path of
Integrity is for you.

Chuck Chapman shares his experience as a nice guy who did what was expected, followed the rules, and colored within the lines. He was raised to believe that when things go bad, you just pray harder. Yet, on the inside, he was dying a death by a thousand paper-cut. What he was taught would bring him happiness, success, and joy never seemed to align with reality. Then, one day, everything imploded.

The turning point happened for Chuck when his sponsor told him, “You’re in so much pain because you are not in integrity.” This life-changing statement led Chuck to discover what integrity truly meant. He found it wasn’t one thing but many things that, when integrated together, created a path he could follow back to sanity. A path he could follow back to loving himself. 

Crafted with raw emotion and a hint of snark but mostly deeply rooted in real-life experience, this book unveils the transformative power of living in alignment with sixteen virtues: Courage, Assertiveness, Tenacity, Loyalty, Wisdom, Honesty, Humility, Generosity, Temperance, Excellence, Patience, Self-mastery, Justice, Empathy, Grace, and Forgiveness. Each chapter provides insights, stories, and tangible actions to integrate these virtues into your life.

For anyone who has wandered off course, lost themselves, and looking for a way back, this book is a torch in the darkness and guides the reader to the winding road of integrity. At its core is the profound message that integrity is the pathway that always points us toward love - for ourselves and those around us.